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How To Become A Social Media Consultant In 2021? The Ultimate Guide

You can either be a full-time social media marketing consultant or a freelance social media consultant. But, whatever you do, remember your job role will entail optimizing an organization’s social media presence.

So, you must have an excellent social media presence yourself if you want to fit into the social media consultant job description, and earning a marketing degree from one of the reputable institutions that offer accelerated online degree programs would definitely be beneficial in more than one way. But, before you take on this job role, make sure you know the social media consultant rate and social media consultant salary to get the best offer.

What Is A Social Media Consultant?-Overview And Concept

An individual specializing in social media marketing, strategizing, and planning is a social media consultant. In this fast-paced modern world, many companies need help in improving their social media presence. You will be surprised to know that they require someone expert who can take on this responsibility.

Company managers are not like us millennials who can effortlessly manage their social media profiles. So, they require social media marketing consultants who will set new goals for social media campaigns. These individuals will further aid the companies in locating growth areas for improving their brand awareness.

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Social Media Consultant Job Description

Social Media Consultant Job Description


Whether you work full time as a social media consultant in a company or a freelance social media consultant, your job description will entail the same responsibilities. 

  1. Social media consultants map out companies’ social media strategies. Then, they figure out the growth areas and post content hitting those areas specifically to improve brand awareness.
  2. They interact with the audience and thus improve their engagement ratio with the brand. These people oversee the social media communities and answer the queries of customers. It creates a trusting bond between the audience and the company.
  3. Social media consultants create unique content about the brand, its services, and its products. Then, they post the content on several social media platforms and make them go viral to increase brand awareness among the audience.
  4. Social media consultants must collaborate with the sales and marketing division of the company. Together they can come up with some realistic goals that will improve the company’s product revenue.

They can recommend new social media strategies to improve the brand’s message across all digital spectrums. They can collect competitor information and choose to act on them for the company’s betterment.

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How Much Money Can I Make?

It is better to have a good idea of a social media consultant rate before you finalize your social media consultant salary. In the U.S., an average social media consultant makes almost $38,754 per year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for a social media marketing consultant job will increase by 6% from 2019 to 2029. 

So, if you are seriously considering this job role as your career option, you better decide on a good deal for your social media consultant salary. Don’t settle below a monthly payout of $4000-$5000 if you think you are good and have a lot of experience in this domain.

How To Become A Social Media Consultant-A Step-by-Step Guide

The steps to becoming a social media consultant are as follows;

Step 1: Work On Your Platforms

This is the most obvious first step. You must have a solid social media presence yourself if you want to advise others. The brands will judge your consultancy skill based on your Instagram follower; Facebook likes, comments, and share ratio.

If you have more than two social media handles, make sure you pay equal attention to all of them. Make at least one social media handles your strong point, which you use to interact with others. 

Step 2: Build A Strong Portfolio

You need to work on some small-sized social media marketing projects to establish your career in this domain. No company will contact you if you don’t have any professional experience in this field.

However, if you work on at least some small-scale projects, those clients will help you build your portfolio. Gather your client feedback and testimonials, and create a substantial impact on potential future clients.

Step 3: Start Networking

The most crucial step to be a social media consultant is to expand your networking. Contact fellow social media consultants and clients and make sure they work as your word-of-mouth advertising medium. The better your network is, the more references you will get for future projects. It will be a step ahead to seal the deal in your social media marketing consultant career.

Step 4: Ensure Quality Content

The next step will be to ensure quality and consistency in all your works. So, the client who will get the service from you can be satisfied. It will build up a strong reputation in the digital marketing domain. You will be in the good books of many clients, which will increase your chances of landing a suitable career in social media consultancy.

The Skills That You Require To Be A Social Media Consultant

An essential skill for a social media consultant is creativity and innovation. The person must have a creative mind so that he can generate new ideas to achieve company targets.

You need to have appropriate data analysis skills. A social media consultant looks after the social media statistics and plans the next campaign strategy. They need to transform useful information into actionable strategies.

Communication is the next essential skill for a social media consultant. If you are a freelance social media consultant, this skill is more critical because it will retain you better clientele in no time. 

You must have excellent project management skills if you want to shine in this field. For example, a social media marketing consultant usually has many projects in hand to work on simultaneously. So, you better learn how to manage multiple projects at a time.

Knowledge of search engine optimization is a must for all social media consultants. They use this technology to increase website traffic, and that is how a company’s online presence becomes more vigorous.

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Is There Any Difference Between Social Media Consultant And Social Media Manager?

  1. Companies can either contact a social media consultant or a social media manager to increase their online presence. So, in simple terms, there is no inherent difference between the job roles of these two professions.
  2. However, social media consultants work best for start-up companies and home entrepreneurs. Whereas social media managers work the best for established companies.
  3. Companies who are just starting make an online presence first, which is why social media consultants are the ones they go to. But, big companies with a robust online presence contact the social media managers because they need to maintain the presence.
  4. Social media consultants work with multiple companies at a time. So, they don’t have intricate knowledge of one company specifically. But, social media managers tend to be more knowledgeable because they work with one company. 
  5. Social media managers follow a standard payroll of companies because a company is their primary employer. But, social media consultants have a few clients, so they work in a third-party payroll. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to become a social media consultant, you just need to follow these basic steps. You can get all sorts of help from this article because we have outlined all the possible areas that you might have a question about.

But always remember making your social media account a strong one with an excellent follower base can help you the most if you want to establish your career as a social media marketing consultant

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