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Is It Ok To Go For A Sexual Orientation Test?

Our sexualities are one of the defining elements of our personality; however, they don’t define who we are. A lot of us struggle to figure out what our sexualities are, while some of us are born aware of it. 

There is no fixed time when you start getting aware of your sexual orientation. It can happen to anyone and at any age. My journey of self-acceptance was not easy either. 

From questioning your sexual orientation to completely going into denial to finally accepting who you are, it is rather rocky. 

So, without any further delay, let us explore how a sexual orientation test plays a part in determining your sexual identity as a whole. 

A Small Glimpse Of My Own Rollercoaster Ride

A Small Glimpse Of My Own Rollercoaster Ride

I remember the day when I first accepted my own sexuality. It was hard. And it’s pretty exhausting. From being confused about it since 2018, to finally accepting who I was in 2021, my little quest has always been full of thrills. 

While I will not be totally opening up about my sexuality, I can confirm that I definitely do not identify as straight. 

However, it was never an easy decision. 

When I first started feeling attracted to a different gender, it was a disaster.

Have you ever been in love with someone so unexpected that you go into denial? This was even worse than that. Weirdly, for 17 years of my life, I never felt even a hint of attraction towards anyone but a man, so the sudden change of feelings was not easy to accept. 

For three years, I was in denial. And it was the worst kind of denial that you can ever imagine. It is something that breaks you from the inside and makes you a completely different person. 

I remember not even letting anyone touch me because I was so scared that I might end up liking it more than I was supposed to. Would you believe me if I said that I even stopped getting cozy with my best friends because I was too scared? Yes, that is how crazy it gets.

But then, one fine day, I threw it all outside the window and accepted who I was. And coming out was the best feeling ever! 

It felt like I had finally tasted freedom. There was nothing holding me back anymore. I was way more comfortable with myself and who I was with. 

While I didn’t really get a sexual orientation test done, I can assure you that they are pretty helpful in the initial stages of discovering your sexual orientation. 

What Is A Sexual Orientation Test?

What Is A Sexual Orientation Test

A sexual orientation test is nothing that you should be scared of. Also, you definitely do not have to go to the hospital, where you would have to sit for hours and give multiple blood samples. That is not how a sexual orientation test works. 

Also, a sexual orientation test is very different from a gender reveal test. A gender reveal test determines the gender of a baby before they are born, while a sexual orientation test helps you figure out who you are attracted to or what your sexual orientation is. 

There are no hard and fast rules to take this test. There are multiple websites available on the internet where you can get a sexual orientation test done. 

Also, it is not a mandate that you have to get a sexual orientation test done in order to accept your sexuality. It is only a confirmation of the feelings that you have already been feeling. 

I remember the time when I was struggling with the same. And, I used to spend hours on Google, trying out different sexual orientation tests to figure out if I was bisexual or not. I would convince myself to deliberately give wrong answers so that the answer came Straight. 

It is rather funny now when I take the same tests, and my answers are so different. 

Basically, a sexual orientation test is a quiz that asks you various questions about yourself, your sexual preferences, and your choices and accordingly analyzes your sexual orientation. 

However, a sexual orientation test is not always 100% correct. Therefore, you may find answers varying from one website to another. 

What Are The Questions In A Sexuality Quiz?

A sexual orientation quiz is a test where you are asked multiple questions about your feelings and attraction towards all genders, and you have to answer accordingly to find out your sexual orientation. 

Some of the questions in a sexual orientation quiz are: 

  • “Who do you get emotionally attracted to?
  • Which sex are you physically attracted to?
  • When you look at an attractive person of the opposite sex, what do you feel like doing?
  • Which sex do you feel most comfortable with?
  • Who do you fantasize about and desire to have sex with?
  • Have you dated someone of the same sex as you in the past?
  • Who do you crush on the most frequently?
  • You are on a beach on a hot summer day. Who do you notice immediately?
  • How would you describe your intimate life?
  • What will you do if someone of the same sex asks you out on a date?
  • Who do you think can make you most happy in a romantic relationship?
  • Whose physicality do you find the most attractive?
  • Have you ever visited a gay bar?
  • Have you enjoyed kissing someone of the same sex?
  • Your best friend admits to being gay. What would be your first reaction?
  • You are watching a movie. Suddenly, you see a same-sex couple kissing. What would be your reaction?
  • Describe your ideal partner in one word.
  • In the past few days, have you imagined yourself intimately touching someone of the same sex in the presence of someone of the opposite sex?
  • Why did you take this quiz?
  • As of now, what sexuality do you identify with the most?”

These questions may vary from one website to the other; however, the purpose of the questions remains the same. You can visit the website of ProProfs Quizzes to try out the test yourself. 

Is Sexual Orientation And Sexual Identity The Same?

Is Sexual Orientation And Sexual Identity The Same

A lot of people tend to confuse sexual orientation with sexual identity. While both may seem pretty similar, they are not.

Sexual identity comprises four main components. Namely, they are:

  • Biological gender
  • Gender role 
  • Gender identity 
  • Sexual orientation 

So, now you know that sexual identity is a vast field. Sexual orientation is only a part of sexual identity. There are other components that constitute the sexual identity of an individual, like their biological gender or what gender they identify as now. 

What’s My Sexuality: Am I Ready To Come Out Yet?

Coming out is a very personal and sensitive decision. You are, under no circumstances, answerable to anyone about your sexual orientation. 

Accepting your sexuality in itself is a very hard decision; the pressure of coming out is not something that you must face too. 

Unless you are in an environment where you feel comfortable and confident enough to come out, there is no pressure on you to come out about your sexual orientation. Every individual has the right and freedom to come out on their own terms. 

Under no circumstances should you be forced to come out. You are allowed to take as much time as you want to come out. And if you don’t want to come out ever, that is absolutely fine as well! 

Wrapping Up

A sexual orientation test helps you get a better picture of your sexual orientation. There are multiple questions, the answers of which will help determine what sexuality you belong to. 

Realizing your sexual identity is a tough decision. It messes with your head initially, but once you have accepted it, you get the best taste of freedom ever. 

You should never be afraid to accept who you are sexually. It is also a part of your identity. 

The more you accept it, the more you feel confident about yourself. Trust me and take the first step; a lot of us are here to help you take many more!

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